RX Evolution to develop Rallycross sport!

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Many people dream of being able to stand on top of seierespallen in International Rallycross, but very few have the ability to reach all the way. Through their own efforts in Rallycross we know what is required, what requirements and what you have to have the skills and resources. With RX Evolution we want to convey this to those who want to bet against her dream!

This will make that "everyone" has the ability to get out their potential, and focus on the level that is appropriate in relation to finance, skills and team management. Within a few years our aim is that the big teams in the World Championship Rallycross should take a look at our drivers when they fill the seats that eventually several factories will need - with the greatest talents!

RX Evolution Ahtletes

Simon and Mats is our international Ahtletes and the three complement each other well. All have a common goal to succeed and Simon Syversen is the one that today is almost his goal. We've been involved since Simon debuted in Rallycross in 2013 and seen his development. We also helped Mats Lysen when he debuted in Rallycross age of 16 in 2008. Karin has never driven Rallycross, but has like Mats aims to drive RX2 in the future. This is the class Simon prepares its third season.

Simon Syversen made his international breakthrough in Barcelona in 2016 season.

Advice and tips

In addition, we will eventually have National Ahtletes and Junior Ahtletes to be allowed to develop Channeling this project. We are going to arrange talent competitions, Rallycross School, and we want to develop a membership-based offering. Our members can meet our Ahtletes out at competitions and in other contexts. This kospetet is under preparation.

RX Evolution will assist and help our athletes with advice and guidance to succeed best. RX Evolution will help all our Ahtletes as good as possible. Our future goal is to find Rallycross drivers who can take all the way to World Cup Supercar. But for most people it will be great to drive RX2, who came under Supercar. RX Evolution will also save a lot of frustration in the future, we know what it takes to reach the top!

The concept developed further!